FOKUS 2017 is now over.
Stay tuned for FOKUS 2018!


FOKUS 2017 is officially over! Thanks to everyone who participated.

You can still watch previews of the 10 selected FOKUS 2017 videos on this site.

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A huge thanks to all participating artist, sponsors and collaborators.

Stay tuned for FOKUS 2018!

FOKUS 2017 presented a month dedicated to video art from February 9 to March 9 2017.

More than 150 video works by artists from 22 different countries were submitted for FOKUS 2017. The festival jury awarded three prizes to the final winners of FOKUS 2017 among 10 nominated artists.

Søren Thilo Funder won the first prize of €1500 for the video "DOWN WITH DOMESTIC TRASH (Rubber Plant)".

Two artists won a runners-up prize of €500 each:
Johanna Lecklin's video "Maybe you can even sense our lifestyles are probably comparable: I simply am not there" and Paul Simon Richards' "L*a*b".

All 10 videos were available via the FOKUS app and this website during the entire festival period. The 10 videoes could also be seen at selected locations.



The Jury of FOKUS 2017 has nominated 10 videos, selected from more than 150 videos submitted to the festival from artists in 22 different countries. Among the 10 videos three will win this year’s festival prizes.
The Jury is:

ANN LISLEGAARD: Visual artist
Educated at The Royal Danish Academy 
of Fine Arts 1988–93 and at PS1 in New York 1995–96. She is one of the most notable representatives of Danish video
 art and works in particular with 3D, sound, sculpture and installations. Thematically, she explores issues such as science fiction, sexual roles and animal universes in which she, among other aspects, investigates alternative approaches to language. She has exhibited in most parts of the world, and recently, her works have been featured at places such as the Gwangju Biennale, Overgaden, Kyoto Art Center and Tel Aviv Museum.

ANDREAS JOHNSEN: Film director and producer
Since 2002, he has made a number of internationally awarded documentaries as director, producer and cinematographer. His films have been shown at festivals around the world and have been broadcast in countless countries. He is renowned for such films as KIDD LIFE, A Kind of Paradise, MURDER, Ai Weiwei – The Fake Case and his latest film BUGS.

: Project co-ordinator at The Animation Workshop
He has previously worked for ROSA, The Danish Rock Council, and The Centre for Trauma and Torture Survivors. Alongside this, he has contributed to cultural magazines and websites such as GAFFA, Cinemazone and Strip!, and he is the editor-in-chief of the comics website

HELENE NYBORG BAY: Exhibition co-ordinator, Nikolaj Kunsthal
Previously the head of Viborg Kunsthal. For a number of years, she has been a board member of The Danish Association of Art Centers, and currently, she is a board member of The Nordic House on the Faroe Islands. In the years 2006–2011, she ran her own gallery, Helene Nyborg Contemporary, in Copenhagen.

ANDREAS BRØGGER: Head of Nikolaj Kunsthal
Has organised numerous exhibitions
 at Nikolaj Kunsthal with artists such as Santiago Sierra, John Akomfrah, Stan Douglas, Dias & Riedweg, Karin Sander
 and Jeannette Ehlers. He has written a large number of articles on art and culture for books, magazines and newspapers. With Omar Kholeif he is the editor of Vision, Memory and Media (Liverpool/Chicago University Press). Co-founder of FOKUS video art festival.