Welcome to FOKUS videoart festival 2020!

 It is with great pride that we present the 10th edition of this unique festival, founded at Nikolaj Kunsthal in 2011. 

A lot has happened on the video art scene since FOKUS began as an initiative to promote video art and make it visible. Back then, it was still VHS tapes and DVDs that the postal service delivered for the jury’s consideration. The films were all produced as single screen works and intended as simple installations without too demanding technical requirements. 

Throughout the last decade, video art has mushroomed, but only rarely is this with a single monitor connected to a player in order to present a newly produced video work. Today, we often see large-scale video installations with many coordinated projections. As spectators we often get to be a part of the work ourselves, and this is best done by creating an entire space around the film in which we can be physically present – or we may use glasses or various units that connect us with Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality works genres that have also been featured as a part of the 10 years of FOKUS. 

The development of new technologies with time-based media creates new artistic possibilities and makes further demands on the presentations. At the same time, since 2011 video art has manifested itself emphatically in the exhibition world, to the point that today it is one of the most frequently used media. Biennales, festivals and art exhibitions abound with video art!     


This year we have chosen to present a selection of winner videos since 2011. This is also a journey through the technological development of video: from handheld and pixel-like works to computer animations and camera techniques that come close to the aesthetics of cinema films. All films in their way point to what the video genre is capable of, i.e., to present us with aspects of reality that do not always operate with a beginning, a middle and an end, but in which abstraction and the enigmatic are as important as a more traditionally constructed plot. Form, aesthetics and plot are all significant parts of video art, enabling subtleties and the unpredictable to flourish.